Long Electric Company, Inc. is in business to furnish quality electrical services to the public and private sectors that provide long-term benefit to our business partners. In support of this, we are committed to:

    Corporate Headquarters
    6902 Hawthorn Park Drive
    Indianapolis, Indiana 46220
    Tele: 317-356-2455
    Fax: 317-356-0630

    Lafayette Branch
    704 North 36th Street
    Lafayette, Indiana 47905
    Tele: 765-447-7630
    Fax: 765-447-3610

Achieving the highest degree of company integrity, quality, customer satisfaction and pride in our work and accomplishments.

Being recognized as a technically superior and innovative provider of electrical services. We will work to earn customer loyalty through the value of our work -- on and off the jobsite.

Providing an environment for achieving personal excellence and growth for our employees. We will endeavor to recognize individual achievements and promote a balance between the personal and professional lives of our employees.

Being recognized by our employees and the business community for excellence and integrity in managing the company’s business. Further, we will work to share our success with the communities in which we work.